October 6, 2016

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As a Portland voter and constituent, I support of the Open and Accountable Elections Act.

Portland candidates are spending too much time raising money from wealthy donors and powerful corporate interests, instead of campaigning among everyday voters. In 2012, a few hundred large donors gave three times more to candidates for city office than 6,000 everyday voters. This creates a disparity in which some voices speak louder than others in our democracy.

I want to restore balance to the election process by ensuring that all Portlanders have an equal voice. I am strongly advocating for the Open and Accountable Elections Act because it promotes small donor candidates and makes elections more accessible to a diverse range of candidates that better represent the interests of everyday Portlanders.

With this in mind, I hope that you will support the election reform vote coming before the city council.

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This petition will be delivered to Mayor Charlie Hales and Commissioners Nick Fish, Amanda Fritz, Steve Novick, and Dan Saltzman.